We Build and Grow Together

Coimbra & Chaves has a large network of allied and correspondent law firms, both throughout Brazil and internationally. Currently we count on seven firms overseas covering 13 jurisdictions, i.e. the United States, Europe (Portugal, Russia and Finland), Asia (China, India, Macau and East Timor), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Cap Verde Islands and Saint Tomé) and Oceania (Australia).

The partnerships offer our clients a personalized international consulting structure, with detailed knowledge of local and administrative peculiarities.


CCA is also founding member of the largest and most prestigious law firm alliance on the continent, ALAE, with 35 offices in 27 Brazilian states and seven other countries in Latin America with a team of more than 2,500 professionals. In order to assure the quality of services rendered, the member firms undergo a strict admissions test and have their performance reviewed bi-annually by their peers.