Mauricio specializes in Tax Law, more specifically taxation of mergers and acquisitions, sales and acquisition of assets, international taxation and tax incentives. He managed teams in tax analysis of the price formation process in large international tenders in the Oil & Gas, telecommunications and transportation areas. Performed due diligence on tax contingencies and related risk analysis in M&A matters. He was a coordinator of the Post-Graduation course in Tax Law at CEAJUFE and a teacher in International Tax Law, Taxation of Intellectual Property and Transfer of Technology and Tax Incentives at that same institution. He was also a teacher in Tax Law at the Faculdade de Minas Gerais (FAMIG). He is a co-author of several books and has written many articles for publication in professional magazines. He is a member of the Instituto de Estudos Fiscais – IEFI.

Academic education

  • Law Degree from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)
  • Tax Specialist Degree from Centro de Estudos Jurídicos (CEAJUFE)
  • Masters Degree in Tax Law from UFMG
Time Coimbra & Chaves